Abu Dhabi Airport Buses

Buses at Abu Dhabi Airport

The buses at Abu Dhabi airport are all fully air conditioned and offer exceptional comfort. The Abu Dhabi airport bus service is the 901. This service is easy to spot as it is a green and white bus.

The bus departs regularly throughout the day and runs 24 hours a day. You can get the 901 bus from the lower curb side outside terminal 1 and 3, directly outside terminal 2, the Cargo Building and the Police Complex.

Bus stops at Abu Dhabi Airport are indicated with blue and white signs and the bus runs from all the terminals into the city stopping at all the marked stops along the way.

Abu Dhabi Airport Bus Routes

The Abu Dhabi Airport bus route is:

Stop 1 – Terminal 2
Stop 2 – Cargo Terminal
Stop 3 – Terminal 1/3
Stop 4 – Zayed Sport City (4 Street/17 Street)
Stop 5 – Al Mushrif (Airport Road/Immigration Dept)
Stop 6 – Al Wathba (East Street/Bus Station)
Stop 7 – Madinat Zayed (East Street/MZ Shopping Centre)
Stop 8 – Al Markaziyah East (Zayed 1st Street/Al Salam Street)
Stop 9 – Tourist Club (10 Street/City Air Terminal)

The one way fare from Abu Dhabi airport into the town centre costs 3AED and the journey takes approximately 45 minutes.  The bus services in Abu Dhabi are free for senior citizens over 60 years old and for disabled people. To apply for your free abu dhabi airport bus pass please visit the following site http://www.ojra.ae.

The Abu Dhabi Airport bus timetable from terminal 2 is

Saturday – Friday including Public Holidays
From 00:15 – 03:15 the bus departs every hour.
From 04:00 – 09:00 the bus departs about every 30 minutes.
From 09:45 – 14:45 the bus departs every hour.
From 15:30 – 21:30 the bus departs every 30 minutes.
From 22:15 – 23:15 the bus departs every hour.

The departing time from terminal 1 and 3 is 5 minutes after the above times.

Abu Dhabi Airport Shuttle Buses

Abu Dhabi airport also has a free shuttle bus which connects all the terminals and runs every 15 minutes. The Abu Dhabi airport shuttle bus stops at entrance 5 outside terminal 1 and in front of the departure area outside of terminal 2.