Abu Dhabi Weather

Weather in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates has a sub-tropical desert climate. With clear blue skies and high temperatures throughout the year it makes it a perfect year round holiday destination with little rainfall. The temperature during the hot summer months in Abu Dhabi can reach above 40°C and during the winter temperatures are 24°C making it a very pleasant time to visit.

During the summer there is only a slight drop in the temperature during the night but almost everywhere is equipped with air conditioning making it comfortable for visitors. Winter nights see the temperature drop to around 10°C to 13°C.

Abu Dhabi average temperature is 27.2°C with the warmest average monthly temperature being 35°C in July and the coolest average monthly temperature at 18.3°C in January.

The hottest temperature was recorded in June at 47.2°C and the lowest in February at 5°C.

Rainfall is rather irregular and scattered appearing only for a few minutes during the day. The average rainfall is 12cm per year and they have an average of 24 days of rain per year most of which falls in February which averages about 6 days. Rainfall in Abu Dhabi mostly occurs between November to March.

Visitors find that the most enjoyable and pleasant time to visit Abu Dhabi is during November to April when the temperature is cooler and bearable.


Summer in Abu Dhabi

The summer is between the months of June to September, during these months the temperature is known to reach extreme highs and it brings humidity to the city. The humidity levels are at around 80-90%. Although there is little rainfall during this season there are regular sandstorms between May to July which can reduce visibility to a few meters.

Winter in Abu Dhabi

The winter is between December to March, during these months the temperature remains at a comfortable 24°C during the day and 10°C during the night. Throughout the winter season there is over eight hours of sun per day. Fog does appear regularly during the winter season and this sometimes can cause flight disruption.